E​.​P. #1

by Hybird

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released April 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Hybird New Haven, Connecticut

H Y B I R D is an indiepop/folktronica artist from
New Haven, CT

Some things that interest me lyrically: the space between technology and nature; truth in a post-truth world; mundane personal mythologies.

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Track Name: Together
Hold me in your heart
Take me back to the start
All I want is to be together
All I want is to stay together
With you, with you.
Track Name: Underneath The Wild Blue Light
in the sky
and I
Want to fly
Away from lights
away from cars
into a night
that’s filled with stars

Into the trees
under the leaves
take me please
Where only birds
sing their tweets
and spider webs
connect our streets

And I want to find
in the jungle of mind
a secret place
a mossy space
underneath the wild blue light

always spun
like a great cat
on the run
this life it steals
our roaming land
turns rocks and stones
to silt and sand.

The rocky trail
the river still
the garden plot
the grassy hill
I take a breath
try to exhale
even the seeds
are now for sale

And I want to find
in the jungle of mind
a secret place
a mossy space
underneath the wild blue light
Track Name: Endangered
All my life I’m endangered
(oh oh oh oh)
All my life I’m a stranger
(oh oh oh oh)

Look for me but you don’t see me I’m hiding in plain sight Listen close but you can’t hear me and you can’t read the words I write
And I’m holding on so tight
to the things I think are right
You can build your walls and buildings but I’ll slip in to the night
I’m endangered I’m a stranger I’m endangered (oh oh oh oh)
Look for me now
I’m a thousand miles away...

Call my phone I will not answer Send a text and I’ll erase Tap me softly on the shoulder But I’m still staring into space
Change your story I’ll be doubtful Ask me nice but I’m still hurt This trail is long in both directions Miles and miles of endless dirt
You’re in danger
you’re a stranger You’re endangered (oh oh oh oh)